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Start enhancing your skills and knowledge competencies and as you build and develop the essential consciousness pillars needed for the successful running of any organization.

Capacity Building Academy

Supervised by industry world class professional experts.

Program Motive


Improve talent capture and its incorporation into the market,

Make new SAP fresh faces efficient and effective, reduce talent turnover and provide a common scalable knowledge about SAP and the consultation/solutions regardless of their future specializations and other factors that help to excel in the practical life profession.

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The i.Start programs from EDRAKY Capacity Building Academy (CBA) 

Arms you with essential hard and soft business skills to not only react and adapt to such changes, but to excel in any context. Using an immersive, interactive, and supported learning model, you’ll enhance your functional and consciousness competencies at a fraction of the cost and commitment of a world class knowledge transfer platform.


Balance between 
knowledge, theory & practice...

which will enable you to think and act differently and make better decisions by providing you with the practical skills and techniques required to achieve a greater impact within your career. You’ll also have the opportunity to expand your professional network by collaborating and engaging with an international exposure of industry leaders on the program.

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Capacity Building Academy

“Excellent program. Includes many practical examples and on-job coaching, which are relevant and useful in daily work. It helps everyone to gain additional insights of people behaviors', influencing tactics, market views, and strategic directions. I have enhanced my knowledge and feel very motivated to focus on my next career step. I highly recommend this program, especially for ambition professionals”.

What this program covers

This 4-months program focuses on four core pillars of software consultation business: the SAP essential foundation, the project management methodology, the theory/execution of value chain, key interpersonal skills, and the professional practice in the field. Using a case study-based approach, you’ll learn to enhance your functional and consciousness competencies and your personal competitive advantage through a better understanding of industry concepts, context, and environment. You’ll also learn to use practical business and productivity tools to analyze and optimize business operations. By the end of the program, you’ll have the ability to use large set of insights and concepts frameworks to effectively influence at all levels internally with your profession pears, and externally, with vendors and clients.

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Edraky's Capacity Building Academy

Collaborating with SAP Learning and Adoption organization unit as strategic partner, to create a new class of learning experience – one that is personalized for the working professionally.


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Edraky is an IT and services company that provides management consulting and other professional services. Edraky expertise is not limited to its resources based in Egypt, the company also has a network of strategic partners with more than 70 different SAP partners all over the world, SAP has selected Edraky for marketing momentum Award winner in the EMEA region for Edraky’s excellence work in exceeding SAP’s expectations. Edraky strives always as SAP Global Platinum Partner to assure that the public & private sector gain the ultimate positive result through implementing SAP solutions.


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Create & upskill with digital learning. Build and maintain your SAP software skills with online, collaborative, hands-on, and expert-led training. SAP Learning journey helps you to get the enablement you need to validate and stay current with your skills.

SAP Training and Adoption offers you a wide variety of options when it comes to your learning needs.


Master software proficiency, keep skills up-to-date and stay current with interactive, user-friendly online certifications. SAP Certification validates the SAP solution skills and expertise of learners in the SAP ecosystem.

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CBA brand, partners with the world’s leading technology vendors and networks to select, design, and deliver premium short programs with a market data-driven focus on employability gains. As a participant, you will also gain unlimited access to Engagement Network at no extra cost. 

You can look forward to benefits including rich content, career templates, webinars, workshops, learning rooms, career fairs, networking events, panel discussions, and exclusive recruitment opportunities to connect you with potential employers

Who Should Take This Program

This program is designed for anyone is recently graduated, or aspiring towards career shifting or domain altering, as well as professionals and specialists who wish to gain holistic consulting knowledge to progress or transition in their careers. Given the nature of the program, it’s suitable for anyone who works within a technology or non-technology organization, have the passion to join the technology emerging employment market, or plans to do so. There are no formal prerequisites for the program, however, some business experience and numerical proficiency is recommended.


How You'll Learn

Every module is broken down into manageable, weekly modules, designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse learning activities:

  • Work through your downloadable and digital instructional material

  • Interact with your peers and learning facilitators through daily class-wide forums and reviewed small group discussions

  • Enjoy a wide range of interactive content, including video lectures, infographics, live polls, and more

  • Investigate rich, real-world case studies

  • Apply what you learn each day/week to quizzes and ongoing project submissions

  • Key SAP knowledge will be gained using:

      - SAP Learning Hub valid for one year (optional) 
      - Attendance certification can be generated automatically after the               
consumption of the courses
      - Two SAP certification vouchers valid for one year


 Orientation Module

Train of the Trainer

TOT course (Training of Trainers) provides you with strategies and resources needed to conduct effective training sessions with high confidence.  The course also teaches you the techniques and skills that will enable you to deliver persuasive and productive and powerful presentations.

Those who complete the course will receive:

  • Building instructor guideline and outline

  • Preparing the professional presentation

  • Managing the presentation on stage

  • Knowing ID & ADDIE

  • Knowing the presentation tools & 3Vs

  • Knowing your audiences

  • Body Language

  • Managing your fears

  • Managing Ice breaker

  • Managing & controlling your audiences

  • Knowing your audience’s type

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Who You Will Learn From

These subject matter experts from EDRAKY guide the program design, along with a variety of industry professionals.

About The Certification 

Get recognized for your knowledge when you earn an official certificate of competence from the SAP after passing the certification exam – a world-leading technology provider– and use it to validate your holistic technical and functional skills.

Assessment is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completed based on every and single learning objective. In order to be issued with a certificate of attendance you’ll need to meet the requirements for the program. The learning journey and certification vouchers will be made available to you as soon as you begin the program.

Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and sent to you upon successful completion of the program, as per the stipulated requirements.


Program Fees

Due to the contribution of our sponsors and the commitment to the markets we are operating in especially the market in Egypt, #SAP_MEANS_JOBS is a slogan we invented and a target we are chasing. It’s part of our professional responsibility to create jobs in the labor market.

Payment Plan

Choose to pay your fees in full before the start of the program or select the payment option that allows you to settle your fees over the duration of the course or more through our partners and sponsors based on the determined terms and conditions. This incurs an administration fee up to 5% of the program total.

Once payment is received (cash or bank transfer) and allocated to your i.Start  account, you will not be able to change the payment plan.

Payment Partners


Requirements For Enrollment  

  • Have legal right to work in Egypt. ​

  • Educated to at least Bachelor level​, Preferably have graduated within the last 3 years with a GPA in the top quartile – proof of this may be requested; “i.Start only “​

  • Keen interest in starting an SAP-related career involving travel.​

  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken.​

  • Fluent in Arabic, both written and spoken.

  • Good knowledge of productivity applications (Microsoft office, …etc).

  • Having a laptop

  • Military service to be Exempted, Deferred, or completed. ​

  • Pass all enrollment comprehensive assessments (IQ test, English, Case Study resolution, focused presentation & interview)

Technical Requirements 

iStock-CBA Knowledge.jpg


Basic Requirements 

In order to complete this program, you’ll need a current email account and access to a computer and the internet, as well as a PDF Reader. You may need to view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and read and create documents in Microsoft Word or Excel.


Additional Requirements 

Certain modules may require additional software and resources. These additional software and resource requirements will be communicated to you upon registration and/or at the beginning of the module.

*Note :  Google, Vimeo, & YouTube may be used in our module’s delivery, and if these services are blocked in your jurisdiction, you may have difficulty in accessing module content. Please check with an Enrollment Advisor before starting the module if you have any concerns about this affecting your experience with the program campus.



We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when accessing the Online Campus Facilities. Although this is not a requirement, we have found that this browser performs best for ease of access to program material.

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